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Blake-Turner LLP have considerable experience in acting for clients who are obtaining or are on the receiving end of injunctions.  In particular Blake-Turner have been instructed on a number of matters where they have had to seek urgent ex-parte (without notice) freezing injunctions against individuals in order to preserve assets and avoid dissipation.  These cases have to be extremely well prepared as they have to convince a Court to exercise its discretion in making a draconian remedy against a person or business to prevent it from dealing with or disposing of some or all of its assets.

These applications for injunctions often require input from private investigators who have had to gather information over time to provide the evidence on which to make the application for an injunction.  Counsel is invariably involved at an early stage due to the fact that they will be appearing in Court at the first and subsequent hearings.

Injunctions Blake-Turner LLPThe advantage of injunctions is that they are the nuclear weapon of litigation and often, if successful, achieve an early settlement of a matter rather than having to take the matter to a full blown trial some 6-12 months later.  An application for an injunction can sometimes be accompanied by one for summary judgment.


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