Insolvency Lawyers Blake-Turner

Insolvency Lawyers

Blake-Turner were recently involved in placing a company into administration and subsequently selling the business to a third party. Upon realising that the company was facing insolvency issues the directors sought advice from an insolvency practitioner, and from Blake-Turner as their Insolvency Lawyers.

Both Blake-Turner and the insolvency practitioner are based in the City of London and worked closely together to achieve the best result for the company and its creditors.

Blake-Turner advised the directors in relation to the insolvency and administration procedure and prepared all of the paperwork necessary to place the company successfully into administration.

Shortly after the company was placed into administration it was sold to a third party. Blake-Turner prepared the sale and purchase agreement, a licence to use the certain assets and a licence in relation to the lease which the company had to occupy their premises. In order to achieve this, Blake-Turner worked closely with the administrators to ensure that they were satisfied with the terms of the sale and that their obligations to the company’s creditors were met.

As experienced insolvency lawyers, we can assist if your company is facing insolvency issues or is already insolvent. We work closely with several insolvency practitioners in London and county-wide who will also be able to assist you should you require. We can prepare the necessary paperwork and ensure all of the deadlines are met so that the process runs as smoothly as possible. If you believe your business can be sold then as in the case above we can prepare the contracts required to sell your business.

Paul Cooper was the lead partner in the above case.