Commercial Debt Recovery

It is obviously crucial to any business that its customers pay invoices when they fall due. However, as all business owners and managers will have experienced, that often simply does not happen.  At Blake-Turner we always encourage our clients who are owed money to look at the economics of the situation.  If the debtor can afford to pay, but is not doing so for no good reason, then we recommend decisive action.

At Blake-Turner we will consider acting on a fixed fee for straightforward debt recovery.  Often, a strongly worded letter of demand will prompt payment forthwith, or a satisfactory payment plan.

If matters are further progressed, then we are well experienced in issuing statutory demands requiring debtors to pay debts within 21 days.  It is also possible to demand payment over a shorter period of time by letter.  In either event, if the debtor does not make an appropriate offer of payment, then we will issue a winding up petition against the company to force the issue.

We have extensive experience in this area and look forward to assisting you.  Please contact us at or on +44 (0) 7799 065638 for a quote.