Corporate Commercial Lawyers Blake Turner Solicitors


Blake-Turner Solicitors provides expert and specialist legal and commercial support for businesses from cradle to grave.

Dispute Resolution Lawyers Blake Turner Solicitors


Blake-Turner has a team of lawyers who are experienced in assisting clients to resolve their disputes. Disputes are unfortunately all too common in business and can be very costly in terms of management time and resources.

Construction Engineering Lawyers Blake Turner Solicitors


The team focus is on understanding clients´ expectations and identifying the correct procedures to reach an early and cost effective resolution of the issues in dispute.

Employment Law Solicitors Blake Turner Solicitors


Employment law is an area of law which touches on every business within the UK, whether small or large. The voluminous laws and regulations governing all businesses impact heavily upon those businesses and negotiating them can be a minefield.

Insolvency Lawyers Blake Turner Solicitors


Whether you are owed money, rationalising and reorganising your business, or suffering cash flow or more fundamental issues, Blake-Turner LLP have a wealth of experience in using both commercial realities and insolvency legislation to our clients’ best advantage.

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    Peter Blake-Turner of Blake-Turner Solicitors


    Peter Blake-Turner

    Areas of Practice:
    Corporate Commercial
    Dispute Resolution

    Rupert Farr of Blake-Turner Solicitors


    Rupert Farr

    Areas of Practice:
    Dispute Resolution
    Employment Law

    Paul Cooper of Blake-Turner Solicitors


    Paul Cooper

    Areas of Practice:
    Corporate Commercial
    Dispute Resolution


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    Keith Brown for Blake-Turner Solicitors

    “Blake-Turner have acted for my companies for well over a decade and provided personal but highly professional advice at all times. In particular, Paul Cooper and his colleagues have worked closely with me over the past six years in building paythru into the leading mobile commerce platform in the payments market, and their breadth and depth of knowledge in a number of fields has been invaluable. Paul’s hands on approach has often made him seem like one of the team.”

    Keith Brown, Managing Director and shareholder of paythru