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Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

The firm has considerable experience in assisting clients in all types of shareholder and partnership disputes. Disputes between shareholders in limited companies revolve around interpretation of shareholders agreements or other corporate documents, such as Articles of Association.  In partnership or LLP disputes they revolve around LLP agreements. However, in the absence of detailed provisions governing the relationship between the various parties resort is often had to the Companies Act 2006 in the case of companies or in the case of LLPS, the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 and the LLP Regulations 2001.

These disputes invariably take place within the Chancery Division and often overlap with employment disputes as the shareholders/members may be directors and/or employees.

Blake-Turner have a reputation for being tenacious in dealing with such disputes, whilst at the same time looking to secure an agreed solution if possible.

Consumer Protection Litigation

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General Contractual Disputes

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Blake-Turner LLP have considerable experience in acting for clients who are obtaining or are on the receiving end of injunctions.

Professional Negligence

Blake-Turner LLP accept instructions from those seeking redress for professional negligence and those defending potential claims.

Commercial Debt Recovery

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Freezing Injunctions

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Securities Litigation

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Dispute Resolution

Blake-Turner have a team of lawyers who are experienced in dispute resolution, assisting clients to resolve their disputes…