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Blake-Turner LLP corporate commercial solicitors provide expert and specialist legal and commercial support for businesses from cradle to grave. At our london law firm, we assist with shareholder agreements and structures between owners and managers and, later in the lifecycle, matters such as angel investment, corporate finance and restructuring. We also specialise in assisting owners and managers in their exits from their companies or businesses by whatever route including by merger, sale or an insolvency event.

The two partners who run the corporate commercial department of our London law firm, Peter Blake-Turner and Paul Cooper, have between them over 70 years’ experience of facilitating clients’ requirements, negotiating with our counterparts and working painstakingly to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our passion is driving through deals to a speedy and successful conclusion. We believe there is little point in spending our clients’ time and money on side issues and remain focused on adding value and completing transactions. We remain at all times versatile in order to ensure that our clients’ needs are always our first priority.

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