Advising Shareholders over the Sale of a School

Blake turner advises shareholders on the sale of a school

Blake-Turner’s shareholder advice of an English private school with regard to the sale of their shares. The school specialised in providing education and support to children with special educational needs.

The shareholders were required to give warranties and indemnities on various issues, especially in relation to safeguarding and data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation sets outs strict requirements for all companies with additional requirements for those handling personal data of children. Blake-Turner advised the shareholders of the implications in providing such warranties and negotiated the terms to ensure that both the shareholders and the buyer were sufficiently protected.

During transactions such as this Blake-Turner ensure that the client is taken through each aspect of the process for complete understanding and clarity. Disclosure is a key aspect of all share sales and we work closely with the clients to ensure this process is undertaking accurately and in a timely manner.

Blake-Turner has years of experience in working in both share and asset sales. We understand that clients want to conclude transactions as quickly as possible whilst ensuring satisfactory terms and long-term protection. If you are considering buying or selling a company then please contact Paul Cooper.