Investment into a Start-Up

Blake-Turner advised the directors and shareholders of a newly incorporated company on the terms of an investment into a start-up.

As is common with investments into start-up companies, the investor provided their terms including bespoke articles of association and a shareholders agreement. Blake-Turner negotiated the terms of the investment, including the articles of association, the shareholders agreement and the subscription agreement. The documents were prepared to protect the investment being given. Blake-Turner worked to ensure that the investor remained comfortable with the terms whilst ensuring that the shareholders’ interests were also protected and that they maintained a level of control of their company.

The shareholders wanted the transaction to complete in a timely manner, given the importance of investment funds for new companies. Blake-Turner kept this goal in mind at all times throughout the negotiation to ensure that the shareholders were fully advised whilst reaching a conclusion as quickly as possible.

If you would like advice on the terms of an investment deal, or if you intend to invest, then please contact Paul Cooper.