Dispute Resolution Blake Turner

Professional Negligence

Blake-Turner LLP accept instructions from those seeking redress for professional negligence and those defending potential claims.  When acting for an individual or business in seeking redress for alleged negligence by a professional we need to be very vigilant concerning limitation periods, as failure to meet these can result in a claim for negligence itself!

These diProfessional Negligence Blake-Turner LLPsputes are frontloaded in that much of the preparation can be done beforehand when preparing the protocol letter of claim or letter of response and it needs good attention to detail and a thorough review of all of the

relevant documentation to prepare as forceful protocol letters as possible.  This often leads to many potential disputes being mediated or settled prior to issue, especially if insurers are involved.

Blake-Turner believe that preparing a well-argued and supported Letter of Claim can assist reaching an early settlement.  If it does not then it provides the perfect platform for the issue of proceedings.


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