Successful Distribution Company Finds New Owner

Blake-Turner guided the UK-based shareholders of a thriving distribution company through their sale. The company boasts a long history of sourcing raw materials from the Far East and distributing them across Europe and the US.

Due diligence was paramount in this deal, especially considering the company’s international operations. Blake-Turner ensured the buyer fully understood the overseas aspects of the business and that all legal requirements for trading outside the UK, particularly post-Brexit, were met. Strict regulations also played a role, and Blake-Turner negotiated strong warranties and indemnities to protect the shareholders’ interests.

The deal involved earn-out provisions, a common element in business sales. Blake-Turner meticulously negotiated these terms to maximise the final payout for the shareholders.

Throughout the process, Blake-Turner provided continuous support to the shareholders, prioritising a swift and successful conclusion. Their extensive experience in both share and asset sales proved invaluable in this transaction. If you are considering buying or selling a company then please contact Paul Cooper.